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NFT Rooster Value

In this section, we will highlight the value that the NFT Roosters have. Apart from the ability to play and earn from the different game modes, here are other utilities and benefits of having an NFT Rooster:

  • Revenue Share!
  • NFT Rentals
  • Right to Run In-Game Businesses!
  • Scarcity

More benefits and utilities will be added with the continuous development of the game and release of new and exciting features!

Revenue Share

In light of the Stablecoin Earnings mechanism that Rooster Wars will release, the project will have the ability to be profitable and sustain itself in multiple market conditions. From the generated revenue in "Fight Fees", NFT owners will get a share for the specifc fight their Roosters participated in, regardless if the Rooster is played by a scholar or the owner.

From the Fight Fees for each fight, the NFT owners of both Rooster that participated in the match will get an 80% cut, or 40% each.

  • NFT Owners
    • NFT Owner 1 - 40%
    • NFT Owner 2 - 40%
  • Rooster Wars Revenue - 14%
  • Tournaments & Season Rewards - 6%

The Revenue Share alone increases the value of owning an NFT Rooster.

NFT Rentals

This feature ties up with Rooster Wars' scholarship system, wherein a wallet address owing multiple Roosters can rent/lend their NFTs to promising players and maximize earning potential from the "Revenue Share" that they get from each fight the player performs.

In the future feature releases, the NFT owner also gets a cut on different reward avenues that the Rooster can acquire.

Run In-Game Businesses!

A perk for having a specific number of NFTs allow you to conduct in-game businesses within the game, and get rights to create and sell your own product within the ecosystem.

Here are the current "rights" and benefits a certain NFT owner have, along with their respective minimum requirement:

  • Right to Sell Custom Skins (Min. Roosters TBA)
  • Right to Sell Custom Emojis (Min. 500 Roosters)
  • Automatic whitelist for Hens (Min. 500 Roosters)

More "rights" and benefits will be added alongside the project's development.


On top of the current features that make the NFT Roosters valuable, there's this notion of Scarcity, which will drive the asset's price to increase, all other things equal.