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Stablecoin Earnings

Rooster Wars' earning mechanism will be on stable coins as an interim for the players’ earning potential and a permanent feature that will be released prior to the Token’s TGE. The goal is to enable a relatively risk-off or stable earning mechanism for players compared to the Token earnings given the current bearish market sentiment, to preserve the value of the Token while allowing players to start earning.

Pre-TGE for the Token

Prior to the Token’s release (TGE), Rooster Wars will release its Play-and-Earn mechanism using a stablecoin (USDC/USDT) in the Arena (PvP) mode that will be the first game feature to be released that will have multiple reward avenues for players:

  • Direct Rewards from PvP fights
  • Tournaments
  • Season Rewards

Direct Rewards

Direct Rewards refer to the earnings you get immediately after winning a fight in the Arena.

For details on the gameplay, the matches will follow the Arena setup. The concept of Tiers, Stars and Chicken Points will come at a later date.

W2E: Win-to-Earn

For direct rewards, only the winner gets rewarded and the loser loses his/her stake. So a breakeven for earnings would be at a 50% win rate. RW’s team will introduce fees so the players’ ROI will only be achieved by win rates above 50%.

How Fees are Charged

The majority of the “Fight Fees” will be distributed as profit to the NFT owners of a specific fight, a portion will be labeled as Rooster Wars’ revenue, and the rest will be used for tournament prizes, and special events.

  • NFT Owners
    • NFT Owner 1 - 40%
    • NFT Owner 2 - 40%
  • RW Revenue - 14%
  • Tournaments & Season Rewards - 6%

Yes, we are redistributing revenues to NFT owners of that specific fight. This will drive more value to our NFTs, and will help generate demand from the current and future community.


Stay tuned for Tournament announcements and get a chance to participate and win rewards!

Season Rewards

A reward avenue that rewards top players during On-Season and provides a preparation period which is labeled as Off-Season.

Pre-TGE, this feature would reward players in $USDC, upon the release of the Token, the Token rewards will be added here and only Active Roosters are entitled to this feature