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The 2 Types of NFTs

The Amateur NFT is an entry level NFT catering to beginning players (kids, students, minors below 21 years old) and aspiring professional players (Guild members). The mode of play will be in the virtual “Backyard” and will not involve staking. The rule of the game will be governed by the iconic “Teks”, the first form of trading card game for the Filipino children, where the winner takes the loser’s NFT.

The Professional NFT is a game stable collection where Guild players will be able to compete in the virtual Arena mode. The mode of play will involve staking of utility tokens derived from the game’s native security token GALLO inside the virtual Arena. This derivative utility token known as QBUX is native to ANTx, a proprietary platform that supports micro transactions, a revolutionary approach to propagating a utility token in the Blockchain technology.