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Important Notice: To the Rooster Wars' Community, the Tokenomics is currently under going consultations for a better and more sustainable ecosystem. Details will be posted soon.

The following sections are also undergoing changes caused by changes in the tokenomics:

Thank you for your support!

Current Available Information

This section contains Current Available Information regarding the Token's Tokenomics

  • Circular Economy
  • Utility
  • Allocation & Vesting Schedules (TBA)
  • the Token Sale Rounds (TBA)

Always DYOR!

Circular Economy


The Token is built on a circular economic model with a limited token supply, accompanied by a burning mechanism.

The Gaming reward pool will be filled up using the subscription method of the gameplay that allows the Token to circulate in a healthy manner. Fees from Marketplace transactions will also play a role in filling up the reward pool.

Also, a sell-tax is part of the Token smart contract that takes a percentage (%) of selling volume that goes to reward pools.

Supply & Demand Control

Rooster Wars focuses on the Token “sinks” accompanied by burning the token supply. The inflation rate of the Token considers the growth of the protocol and is designed to support the needs of the players within the game.

Sinks are players/agents' ways to spend the Token in the economy. A percentage of the Token that is spent is used to refill the Gaming Reward pool which then continues to reward players, as shown in the previous illustration.

The Burning mechanism comes from a percentage of player spending of the Token inside the protocol. The Utility section shows the ways for players/agents to earn and/or spend the Token in the RW economy.


The Token functions as the main utility token for the Rooster Wars game and ecosystem.

Here are examples of the Token's utilities in the Rooster Wars ecosystem

  1. Breeding: Payment for breeding fees (future)
  2. Land Acquisition (future)
  3. NFT Marketplace: Buy & Sell Roosters, Hens, GAFFs, Gems, and more.
  4. Buying Gilly Juice
  5. Farming / Staking: Earn Rewards
  6. Participate in other Game Mode Rewards:
    1. PVP (Charged Gallonium to the Token)
    2. PVP (Season Rewards)
    3. Adventure Rewards
    4. Team Battle Rewards

Additional utilities will be added with the continuous development of Rooster Wars and integration with other protocols.

Allocation & Vesting Schedule

The Allocations & Vesting Schedules of the Token are currently undergoing changes to better fit the current trajectory of the project and adapt to the current market conditions. We Thank You for your continuous support.