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This mode can host the no-staking game where starter Non-Fungible Tokens (Amateur NFTs) players can only put at stake their NFT ownership, the winner takes the losing player’s NFT.

The Backyard mode is the venue for Amateur NFT players accessible to minors and beginners alike. If Professional NFT player would want to practice without staking, the Backyard mode can also be the appropriate venue.


This mode is the venue for Professional Players to play against other professional players with staking involved. The staking pool takes place in a proprietary blockchain environment called ANTx where the native token of Rooster Wars (called GALLO Security Token) is exchanged with a utilitarian token (called QBUX). The QBUX token is placed to stake, and the winning player takes majority of the staking pool as the game prize. The ownership of the NFT will remain however, the losing party will have to nurse negative statistics.

The Professional mode is the venue for Professional NFTs where a staking pool can be established. Additionally, the mechanics under the revenue sharing applies.


This mode in partnership with licensed online game operators, is the expanded economy mode where non-NFT players can get involved in the staking pool by choosing a side. These non-NFT players will attach their E-wallets to the virtual ANTx Arena and depending on the size of their stake (GALLOs exchanged to QBUX tokens), these stake pool enthusiasts can be tagged as VIP (higher QBUX value) and Gallery (lower QBUX value). VIP’s will be in privy of the NFT statistics queued to play while the Gallery will only get to view the stats on spot pre-game. On every game on PvP, potentially an unlimited number of E-wallets can enjoin in the staking pool thereby expanding the economy tremendously. The professional NFT players will also put to stake their NFTs where the winning party will take on the gaming stats of the losing party, and the losing player’s NFT gets burnt. This burning mechanism will enhance the values of the surviving professional NFTs creating a synthetic scarcity.