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Our Philosophy


To immortalize in the virtual world two traditional Filipino games, Roosters Sparring which has been in existence for over 300 years (also popular within the Southeast Asian region and the Latin American region), and the first form of trading card game of the Filipino children which started around 70 years ago, known as “Teks”. We aim to be the number one blockchain-based game in terms of user adoption.


To provide a sustainable form of entertainment which fairly promotes equal opportunities to all Rooster Wars players, either professionally or for practice and entertainment.


Rooster Wars embodies — and operates according to — the following principles:

  • Transparency. Every transaction is open for public audit.
  • Innovation. Finding new ways while keeping abreast of tech developments.
  • Security. Ensure private data is protected.
  • Inclusion. Open to everyone with diverse backgrounds.
  • Balance. Fair distribution of resources and opportunities.
  • Responsible Gaming. Fiduciary to mitigate the moral hazards of staking.