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Professional NFT Roosters

Each Rooster has a different set of stats which will make them unique from each other.

Amateur NFT Roosters only have a base stat total of 150, while Professional NFT Roosters have a base stat total of 196. These stat totals are then divided into each of their stats:

  1. Vitality (VIT/HP)
  2. Wing Attack (WATK)
  3. Beak Attack (BATK)
  4. Claw Attack (CATK)
  5. Dodge Chance (SPD)
  6. Critical Chance (AGRO)

Players can raise their stats by training (future) and gaff & gem equipment (future).

Details on Professional NFT Rooster Stats

  • Damage = ATK/4
  • Dodge and Crit Chance are percentage-based, their percentage will differ from breeds.
  • If the rooster is equipped with a gallus gem that has +5 damage: Damage + 5
  • Critical Damage = Damagex2
  • Draw Damage = Damage/2

How to Buy Roosters?

You can purchase your NFT Roosters in our PECADO NFT engine.


  • Rooster Wars’ combat will be a fast-paced “Rock-Paper-Scissors” game.
  • Matches will have a “wait phase” where players must choose which moves to pick. Once the meter wanes down, both players will have to pick a combat move. (Players who failed to choose a combat move on that sequence will incur damage to their NFT).
  • Roosters will have three combat moves, the beak (representing rock), wings (representing paper), and claws (representing scissors).
  • If both players deploy the same combat move, they will both inflict damage to their NFTs, but its effect will only take 50% damage to each other.
  • Players will have the opportunity to replay the previous match.


Within the ANTx ecosystem, the QBUX utility token mainly functions as a staking pool currency. This type of token has no smart contract but is directly derived from the staked GALLO Security Token. To exit, the QBUX token has to convert back into GALLO Security Token.


To ensure the authenticity of Rooster Wars’ NFTs, we recommend trading within the PECADO NFT engine. Though external trades are doable (i.e., Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.), Fowl Play Inc. cannot guarantee the authenticity of the assets traded outside. An authentic Rooster Wars NFT can easily be played in the gaming modes, while the non-authentic NFTs will be incompatible to the system.


1. Swansons


Base Stats

  • Swanson R VIT: 200
  • Tournament VIT: 100
  • Swanson R WATK: 40
  • Swanson R BATK: 31
  • Swanson R CATK: 45
  • Swanson R SPD: 14
  • Swanson R AGRO: 23 (1.5%)
  • Focus Meter: BATK-WATK-CATK

A proud breed able to go against every other race. Despite not having the best stamina, Swansons are known for dealing high damage against their opponents. They have a small light red head with a pea comb, medium-sized orange wings accompanied by a medium-sized white tail, all carried by a medium-sized red body, and medium-sized yellow legs.

2. Kelians


Base Stats

  • Kelian R VIT: 300
  • Tournament VIT: 150
  • Kelian R WATK: 30
  • Kelian R BATK: 20
  • Kelian R CATK: 26
  • Kelian R SPD: 25
  • Kelian R AGRO: 30 (2%)
  • Focus Meter: BATK-CATK-WATK

The most abundant and common breed to exist in Planet Galleos. Kelians, or what the locals call the common folk, have medium yellow heads with a single comb. Their wings are small and black, and their tails are blue and low. Kelians also look the roundest breeds, even though their bodies are just medium sized and yellow, while their legs are short and white.

3. Rotundan


Base Stats

  • Rotundan R VIT: 250
  • Tournament VIT: 125
  • Rotundan R WATK: 30
  • Rotundan R BATK: 22
  • Rotundan R CATK: 44
  • Rotundan R SPD: 30
  • Rotundan R AGRO: 23 (1.5%)
  • Focus Meter: BATK-WATK-CATK

Rotundans are known for their large aesthetic, making them the main working class of the breeds. Despite their size, they are actually the fastest breed out of all the other Mannochs. But what makes them truly unique is that they are the only breed that has red eyes. Rotundans have a medium-sized red head with a carnation comb. Their wings are large and black while their tail is both black and white at a high angle. Its body is also large with a yellow shade and their legs are long and yellow as well.

4. Hatch


Base Stats

  • Hatch R VIT: 325
  • Tournament VIT: 162
  • Hatch R WATK: 20
  • Hatch R BATK: 20
  • Hatch R CATK: 26
  • Hatch R SPD: 20
  • Hatch R AGRO: 45 (3%)
  • Focus Meter: BATK-BATK-CATK

Hatches are the oldest breed in Planet Galleos. Their ancestors witnessed the events of the calamity that split land into various regions. While Clairas have stepped up to monopolize the gems, Hatches are still respected because of their lineage. Hatches have small yellow heads with a single comb. Their wings are small with a light red shade, the tail has a green with a low angle. A Hatch also has a small black body with long green legs.

5. Greybacks


Base Stats

  • Greybacks R VIT: 240
  • Tournament VIT: 120
  • Greybacks R WATK: 47
  • Greybacks R BATK: 29
  • Greybacks R CATK: 25
  • Greybacks R SPD: 20
  • Greybacks R AGRO: 23 (1.5%)
  • Focus Meter: BATK-CATK-WATK

Greybacks primarily live in the eastern regions and are the primary trade dealers for meat. Despite their blue heads being more prominent, Greybacks are more known for having a large black body, but for some strange reason, their backs are grey. Greybacks also have strawberry combs. Their tail is also unique where it’s primarily white but has green highlights. Their legs are also medium and white

6. Claira


Base Stats

  • Claira R VIT: 250
  • Tournament VIT: 125
  • Claira R WATK: 30
  • Claira R BATK: 45
  • Claira R CATK: 21
  • Claira R SPD: 14
  • Claira R AGRO: 38 (2.5%)
  • Focus Meter: BATK-CATK-BATK

The aristocratic breed. Clairas represent the upper class and are the major distributors and trade dealers of Gallus Gems. Clairas have small orange heads with a classy walnut comb. Their wings are large with a wine red shade. Their tail being white and low while their body is large and black and lastly their legs being medium and white.

7. Redheart

Red Heart

Base Stats

  • Redheart R VIT: 225
  • Tournament VIT: 112
  • Redheart R WATK: 40
  • Redheart R BATK: 40
  • Redheart R CATK: 26
  • Redheart R SPD: 25
  • Redheart R AGRO: 23 (1.5%)
  • Focus Meter: CATK-CATK-WATK

Living in the warm desert of the west, Redhearts rule the sands. Known for their large brown heads with their buttercup combs. They have medium burgundy wings and a high green tail. While their bodies may be medium and black, their legs are rather short and grey.

8. Pylia


Base Stats

  • Pylia R VIT: 275
  • Tournament VIT: 137
  • Pylia R WATK: 36
  • Pylia R BATK: 20
  • Pylia R CATK: 30
  • Pylia R SPD: 20
  • Pylia R AGRO: 23 (1.5%)
  • Focus Meter: WATK-BATK-CATK

Pylias mainly live in the cold northern regions of Planet Galleos. While they can survive the harsh environment, some of them also leave their home to explore the rest of the planet or help domesticated vagrants out. Pylias have a medium-sized red head with a single comb. Pylias are also known for their large white wings accompanied by their high white tail and smal brown and white body. Lastly, their legs are medium-sized yellows.

9. Jonians


Base Stats

  • Jonians R VIT: 240
  • Tournament VIT: 120
  • Jonians R WATK: 34
  • Jonians R BATK: 30
  • Jonians R CATK: 36
  • Jonians R SPD: 20
  • Jonians R AGRO: 23 (1.5%)
  • Focus Meter: BATK-WATK-CATK

Jonians were named after the great Mt. Jonia where the breeds live at the foot of the mountain. After the crash 2000 years ago, the Jonians saw the mountain as a deity and thanked the landmass for the blessings they received. Jonians have small white heads with a pea comb on top. While their wings are small and white, they also have a high green tail. Their body is also small and black which makes their small white legs stand out.

10. Henis


Base Stats

  • Henis R VIT: 287
  • Tournament VIT: 143
  • Henis R WATK: 27
  • Henis R BATK: 27
  • Henis R CATK: 27
  • Henis R SPD: 14
  • Henis R AGRO: 23 (1.5%)
  • Focus Meter: CATK-CATK-CATK

Despite their plain appearance, Henis are quite versatile and can adapt to most situations which make them unique. They have a small brown head with a rose comb. Their wings are small and brown, its tail is grey and high, their body is small and brown, and its legs are long and yellow.