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Free Starter Roosters

Players who missed the chance of getting an Egg will still be able to play and experience the game (limited) using Starter Roosters.

Upon starting the game, the player must choose ONE egg among three starter eggs. Each egg will feature a basic entry-level rooster (no breed) with basic stats.

Starter (Free)

Base Stats

  • VIT:
  • WATK:
  • BATK:
  • CATK:
  • SPD:
  • AGRO:

Limitations of Starter Roosters

  • The Starter (Non-NFT) Roosters have no specific breeds thus making them generic roosters only with mediocre base stats and equipped with training gloves. (No slots and gallus gem)
  • Starter roosters can’t be used in PVP and can only be used in Adventure mode
  • Starter roosters are in-game only and non-tradeable.