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What are Roosters?

Roosters are fantastic creatures that players use to fight other players in the Arena (PvP), train to go on adventures and defeat epic bosses, or breed with Hens to create more Roosters.

A Rooster can produce 5 Gallonium/Day for 15 days (about 2 weeks). After the 15th day, Roosters will be exhausted and will stop producing Gallonium.

Rooster Burnout & Revitalization

Like any other living things, Roosters experience burnout phases from depleting available Gallonium to fight and train, thus they would need to be recharged using Gilly Juice. Gilly Juice can only be consumed by a burnt-out Rooster.

Gilly Juice

Gilly Juice is available in the Marketplace to allow Roosters to recharge and have the ability to produce Gallonium once more, allowing Roosters to generate 5 Gallonium/day for 15 days (about 2 weeks). Gilly Juice can be bought using the Token.

Players as Rooster owners are provided the chance to recharge their Roosters to continue to fight for them or allow their Roosters to rest and be their forever companions.

Rooster Stats

Each Rooster has a different set of stats which will make them unique from each other. Players can train their roosters to make them stronger and progress faster in the Adventure Mode.

Starter Roosters only have a base stat total of 150, while NFT Roosters have a base stat total of 196. These stat totals are then divided into each of their stats:

  1. Vitality (VIT/HP)
  2. Wing Attack (WATK)
  3. Beak Attack (BATK)
  4. Claw Attack (CATK)
  5. Dodge Chance (SPD)
  6. Critical Chance (AGRO)

Players can raise their stats by training. However, only the base stats of an NFT Rooster will be stored on-chain.

Details on Rooster Stats

  • Damage = ATK/4
  • Dodge and Crit Chance are percentage-based, their percentage will differ from breeds.
  • If the rooster is equipped with a gallus gem that has +5 damage: Damage + 5
  • Critical Damage = Damagex2
  • Draw Damage = Damage/2

Types of Roosters

  • Starter Roosters (Free)
  • NFT Roosters