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Land & Buildables

Disclaimer: All values are subject to change before launching phase 3, changes to whitepaper and announcements of possible changes regarding phase 3 will be done before its launch.

World Map

Phase 3 is going to feature a real estate system where Players can buy their own plot of land where they can set up buildings and use them to earn more tokens or increase their chances of winning in the Arena.

The world will be sectioned into different types of land that differ in size. The number of plots indicated the number of buildable structures a player can build on top of owned land

  • 2 plots of land
  • 4 plots of land
  • 8 plots of land
  • 16 plots of land

Land ownership can be bought in the upcoming land sale using tokens, wherein the location will be revealed once the land sale is over. Structures to be built upon each land plot will cost tokens.

World Structures (Built-in)

Within the world map, there are land plots where building structures are already built on top that are accessible to all players in the game (including players without land ownership).

Venture Station


  • Expedition requires the use of Hens
  • Hens can get various items in this mode while exploring
  • Expeditions will last for 12 hours
  • Expeditions will cost tokens.
  • Here are some of the rewards, along with their percentage chance, that players can get in the Expedition

Buildable Structures

These are the structures that players can build on their land, each with its own benefits and use-cases. Each land plot can accommodate one structure to be built on top of it.

Players are free to decide which structures to build on their land plots. Players must assign a Hen in each building to manage it.

Synthesis Corner

Players can assign hens to generate either

  • Food
  • Other rewards

Staking Station

  • It will take up to n-hours for a rooster to finish staking.
  • They will receive a +5 bonus damage to the three attacks each.
  • The bonuses will last for only 5 matches.


  • Players will assign a Hen to be the blacksmith.
  • GAFFs can be enhanced here.
  • It costs one food to enhance a GAFF.
  • The enhancement for the GAFFs is a random +1 damage increase which the three main attacks can get.
  • GAFFs can be enhanced up to 10 times.
  • The chance for a successful enhancement lowers after every successful enhancement.