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Hens are NFTs like Roosters that will allow the Breeding mechanism. Hens will be released by the end of the 5th month from the game’s official release. Hens like Roosters will have different breeds accompanied by different stats.

Hens cannot produce $Gallonium, thus cannot participate in PVP or be trained. Hens will have a separate way of earning in the Expedition Mode, where only Hens are allowed.

All Hens have a breeding capacity of 10, wherein breeding costs increase each time. Hens will be available in the Marketplace

Gen-0 Hens

There will only be 1,500 Gen 0 Hens to be released in the Marketplace, 150 for each breed. Gen-0 Hens can produce another Hen from breeding fixed at 1 out of 10 times.

Other Hens

These Hens will come from breeding a Gen 0 Hen with a Rooster. Hens from breeding also have a breeding capacity of 10 times but cannot produce another Hen.

The team may release Hens to the Marketplace under two conditions: Demand for Hens is high, and the game can take the number of Roosters added from breeding and remain stable.