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Disclaimer: All values are subject to change before launching phase 2, changes to whitepaper and announcements of possible changes regarding phase 2 will be done before its launch.

For Phase 2, the game will feature a breeding system where players need to have at least one Hen and one Rooster to be able to breed.

Stat Inheritance

Newly bred Roosters or Hens will inherit 4 out of 6 stats from the hen while the remaining 2 stats will be inherited from the rooster. Stats will be chosen randomly upon inheriting. The stats that the offspring will inherit from its parents would be base stats only and will not receive the training points that the parent rooster earned during its lifetime.

Design Inheritance

Apart from inheriting stats from the parents, newly bred Roosters or Hens will inherit 3 body parts from the Hen and 2 body parts from the Rooster at random.

Breeding Details

It will take three days for an egg to hatch. The Rooster and or Hen will be fully grown after hatching. Players can use a potion, in the Marketplace, to speed up the hatching process.

Hens and Eggs are NFTs that can be traded in the marketplace

Players can buy an item that can let hens breed again for a certain amount using the Tokens.