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This section describes the general combat mechanism and the current game modes available upon the release of the game.

Combat Mechanism

  • Rooster Wars’ combat will be a fast-paced rock-paper-scissors game.
  • Matches will have a wait phase where players must choose which moves they’ll pick. Once the meter on the top is gone, both roosters will use the move. (Roosters who didn’t choose a move will do nothing in that turn and will take damage).
  • Roosters will have three attacks using their beak, wings, and claws which represent rock, paper, or scissors
  • If players throw the same move they’ll both inflict damage to each other, but will only take 50% damage to each other.
  • Players can watch matches again at the results screen.
  • Matches will be fast paced and players will have to choose between moves quickly.

Game Modes