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Arena (PvP)

In this mode, players have two (2) options to decide from before fighting:

  • Use 1 $Gallonium
  • Use 0 $Gallonium - Unlimited Fights!

The first option allows players to simultaneously increase their $Gallonium holdings and Rank/Tier upon every win. The latter allows players to grind and battle as long as they want to climb up to the Challenger tier and have a share in the Seasonal Rewards.

Arena Mechanics

  • Players must have at least one NFT Rooster to enter.
  • Players can use their NFT Rooster here and take on other players.
  • Arena mode will feature a ranking system. This will determine the matchmaking to ensure fair-play matches with a Rooster in the same tier, as well as the basis for giving out additional rewards.
  • Players can only fight if equal amounts of $Gallonium are used (e.g. both used 1 $Gallonium)
  • Depending on its respective tier, the winner will be rewarded with Stars or Chicken Points (CP), and $Gallonium based on the amount of $Gallonium used in a fight.

Battle On!

For full details of the rewards, head on over to Rewards: Arena (PVP) section.

Stars and Chicken Points (CP)

Rooster Wars will use a Tier system inspired by popular games like League of Legends (LoL), Mobile Legends (MLBB), and Call of Duty (CoD) to ensure players have fair matchmaking and a fun and challenging ranking system.

Rewards will be given to the top 10 Players every season and to those who qualify in the Challenger Tier. One season lasts for 2 months.

Tier System (Stars)

  • Winning a fight will give you a Star - Losing will take one from you
  • Players need 5 Stars to rank up - Promoted to next Tier or Division
  • Losing when you have no stars will get you demoted to the previous Tier or Division with 4 Stars

Below is a sample for Tiers and Ranks, but the number of Ranks and Tiers is positively related to the number of active players in the Arena (PvP).

Tier Division Stars to Rank up
Bronze III 5
II 5
I 5
Silver III 5
II 5
I 5
Gold III 5
II 5
I 5
Platinum III 5
II 5
I 5
Diamond III 5
II 5
I 5
Challenger CP

Chicken Points - Challenger Tier

Upon reaching the Challenger tier, players will be ranked based on Chicken Points

  • Winning grants +20 CP
  • Losing takes -30 CP
  • A Draw gives both players +10 CP
  • Losing with 0 CP will demote the player to Diamond I with 4 stars

Players in the Challenger Tier are required to win at least twice (2) per day to disable the decay in their Chicken Points (CP).

For full details of the rewards, head on over to Rewards: Season (PVP) section.