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Training Roosters

Roosters will have a set of stats they can increase in training mode.

  • Beak attack damage
  • Wing attack damage
  • Claw attack damage
  • Vitality (HP)

Upon choosing a stat to train, Players will watch an animation corresponding to the stat being trained.

Each breed will have its different base stats to make them unique from each other. Each Rooster will have a total of 50 points they can use to allot on their stats which means you can only train a rooster up to 50 times.

Each training session uses 1 Training Point (TP). 1 TP = 1 $Gallonium

Reset Potions

Users will buy Reset Potion from the MP and use it to reset trained Stats for their Rooster and will have x-amount of TP depending on how many stats were trained before using the Reset Potion