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GAFFs & Gems


The GAFF is the blade placed on a rooster’s left ankle which will hold the gems. GAFFs have rarity, based on the number of Gems it can hold, but will not add any stats to the Rooster if there is no gem slotted in it. GAFF rarity is as follows:

  • 1 Star - 2 gem slot
  • 2 Stars - 3 gem slots
  • 3 Stars - 4 gem slots

GAFFs will primarily be cosmetic items and the rune system that will help make the roosters stronger.

Gallus Gems

Gallus Gems gives Roosters additional stats but can only be equipped if the Rooster has a GAFF. Players can only equip one type of gem for every GAFF.

Given that a GAFF has 2 slots, players cannot place 2 +10 HP gems and are only allowed to place one +10 HP gem on it along with a different gem type (i.e. +10 WATK).

These are the planned gems for release, community suggestions are significantly considered for future updates

  • +5 HP
  • +10 HP
  • +5 WATK
  • +10 WATK
  • +5 BATK
  • +10 BATK
  • +5 CATK
  • +10 CATK
  • +7% SPD
  • +15% SPD
  • +4% AGRO
  • +7% AGRO

Where to Buy?

You can buy Gems and GAFFs, along with a Rooster, packaged in our Egg-Sale or buy them separately in the Marketplace that will be released soon after the game launches. Gallus Gems and GAFFs can be sold separately.