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Egg Sale (NFTs)

Rooster Wars will have its NFT Egg-sale on February 14, 2022. There will only be a total of 150,000 Eggs to be sold at a very attractive starting price of $55 each.


NFT Egg Sale Price Increase

  • Private Egg Sale
  • February 14 to 28, 2022: $30 per Egg + the Token airdrop bonus
  • March 1 to 15, 2022: $30 per Egg, no airdrop bonus
  • March 16 to Game Launch: $45 per Egg
  • Game Launch to P2E Activation: $55 per Egg

Not only will you get your very own Rooster, but the Eggs also contain Gems and GAFFs (blades) to be equipped by your Roosters. That’s right you will get 3 NFTs for one egg once you participate in our first, and only, Egg-Sale!

Available until Supplies Last!

Egg Limit/Wallet

To allow other users to play, we would place a limit of 10 Eggs per wallet during the Egg-Sale



Participating in the Egg-Sale will allow users to have a pure breed NFT Rooster, a Gem, and a GAFF to be equipped to upgrade Roosters' stats.

On P2E Activation: Remaining Eggs will be opened and the Roosters, Gems, and GAFFs inside will be sold separately.

Having Gen-0 Roosters from the eggs will allow players to play the game in its first season and gain an advantage in PvP rankings by playing more games to get higher ranks, thus higher rewards.

The supply of Roosters will initially be limited to the Egg-Sale. The additional supply of Roosters would come from breeding upon release.