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Rooster Wars is a PvP online multiplayer game that allows players to collect NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and win to earn (W2E) by fielding roosters to fight virtually. There will be 2 types of NFTs, the Amateur NFT and the Professional NFT. Rooster Wars has 3 economies, the first 2 will be featured outright upon launching, and the 3rd one, the expanded version, will come in as the 2nd phase.



Since the dawn of time, the Mannochs lived peacefully on one giant island of planet Galleos. Until one day, a gigantic meteor mysteriously hit the planet, plunging into the heart of the island and shattering it into fragments of smaller landmasses. From then on, the planet’s inhabitants were divided into separate tribes. But little did they know that the meteor was holding the key to their future.