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Rooster Wars is a PvP online multiplayer game that allows players to collect NFTs and play to earn (P2E) by fielding roosters to fight in the arena, finishing levels in adventure mode, breeding fighting cocks, joining expeditions, and engaging in land expansion. The development of its features unfolds in stages:

  1. Combat Phase & Initial P2E Components — Players engage in arena battles and explore the adventure mode for leveling.
  2. Breeding & Farm Management — Using in-game resources such as rewards and bonuses to farm and breed roosters.
  3. Land & Buildable Structures — Lets users expand their farms and lands to build arenas and other in-game structures.

Stablecoin Earnings

Given the current market conditions, Rooster Wars will delay the release of the token to protect the value of the token, the interest of all parties involved, and avoid unnecessary farming and selling of the token upon release. Instead, Rooster Wars will feature an earning mechanism that the community can optimize using Stablecoins.

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Since the dawn of time, the Mannochs lived peacefully on one giant island of planet Galleos. Until one day, a gigantic meteor mysteriously hit the planet, plunging into the heart of the island and shattering it into fragments of smaller landmasses. From then on, the planet’s inhabitants were divided into separate tribes. But little did they know that the meteor was holding the key to their future.